26 November 2007

A Good Sign: Schnitzel King

How can you resist this sign? Schnitzel King! They're the Schnitzel King, in a day and age when no one is clawing to get on top of the schnitzel heap. And "The Best Cutlets"! Cutlets of what, I wonder. What you can't see in this picture of the Midwood restaurant is a sign in the window that reads "We now have Thursday Cholent." Thursdays just got a little bit better in Midwood.


Barbara L. Hanson said...

If it's schnitzel, cutlets would be assumed to be veal, according to my middle European sources.

Inca said...

Oh there's a heap of Schnitzel to be conquered in Brooklyn, there really is, and a good one is really good.
Cutlets are classically veal, but often chicken or turkey.
Thursdays (nights) without Cholent; unthinkable.