13 November 2007

Non-Starter Red Hook Exposed—Again

Old Media was all over that Hey-Red-Hook-Didn't-Really-Heat-Up-The-Way-They-Said-It-Would story again this week, with New York Magazine slowly following the lead of the New York Times and New York Post, which back in August had followed the lead of, well, reality and their own eyes.

Actually, the article, by Adam Sternbergh makes for thoughtful and even provocative reading (provocative, I mean, for those in the City who can't see beyond their own nose—a large group). I particularly like the dire ruminations of the final sections of the piece, which to me were spot-on.

I have to say, however, that the reason for Red Hook's not taking off like a bottle-rocket are perhaps far simpler than Sternbergh states, as I argued in an item a few months back. Putting it in a handful of words: no subway, bad bus, few services, projects.

Oh, and love the New York Mag illustration. It's like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood gone wrong.

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