02 November 2007

Too Late

I do appreciate my friends at Curbed warning me to avert my eyes from their pictorial coverage of the destruction of Gertel's Bakery. But, alas, by the time I read that line I had already seen the picture of the Lower East Side landmark's pummeled roof. It ain't pretty. But, just to show I can be a man about it, I reprint the photo here.

A warning to the people who choose to live in the eight-story condo building that will take the bakery's place: if you feel like you're being haunted every Friday night and if kosher wine bleeds from your walls during the High Holy Days, it's your own damn fault.

1 comment:

RI 360 said...

Good Jewish ghosts would stop all haunting at sundown but really lay it on all week unless you are my mother and then your ghost stays the weekend and complains what drek we served for Shabbat dinner.