02 November 2007

Just What We Need

I walked by the old Renaissance Pharmacy, which closed its doors some months ago, and noticed a work order in the window and some activity inside. The Carroll Gardens store was one of the last independent pharmacies in the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area.

A clerk at the neighboring Caputo Bakery (long make it bake) said the space was to become a spa. Sigh. Like th neighborhood needs another spa. "Well, they think it does," said the clerk, resigned. Yeah. Like Smith Street needs another restaurant.


Anonymous said...

for better or worse, the free market should sort it all out. if there's no demand for a spa, it will go out of business.

Sarah Goodyear said...

Spa. Bleh.

Hey, on the bright side, there is another independent pharmacy just a few blocks away, at the corner of Wyckoff and Court. I think it's called Wyckoff's Corner. The proprietor (Sam?) is incredibly warm and friendly--and best of all, he's helpful and responsive to questions. When my son had pollen-triggered asthma last spring, he talked me through the complicated medication regimen far better than the pediatrician did.

He has competitive prices on everyday needs like toothpaste as well. Support your local pharmacy!