18 November 2007

A Good Sign: Classon Business Machines

Note the typewriter on the sign of this old-time business on Coney Island Boulevard. Looks like an electric typewriter to me. Fancy! No idea how long it's been in operation, but the building's been there since the 1920s.


Anonymous said...

hey, we have a little thematic convergence, if asynchronous--


re: Midwood below, you're onto something but might the question really be:

inessential to who?

that's just tip of iceberg stuff, i very rarely write about most of it bc it's best not to make people self-conscious about their brilliant archaicisms... not that that hat sign is old anyway but... you know.


Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hi, WWIB. Like your blog. Inessential? Well, not to me of course. I like hats. I wear hats. I'm just saying increasingly inessential to the sad, clueless world, which understands the value of precious little. Also, the store is in Midwood, where hats are always needed. About your other point, far be it from me to make people feel self-conscious about their archaicisms. But I can't help but celebrate them. I also figure the folks as Classon will never read this blog. They're too busy fixing typewriters!

Anonymous said...

oh, we're cool-- i agree with celebration. check out the Spanish joint at 3rd Ave & 9th St next time you're around there. On the awning they spell it "rostissieri," which is too great for any other words. some people get uptight about that, or think i'd be poking fun at... which is NOT at all the case. this link is going to be waaaaaay too long but i'll try it anyway--


although i don't have much use for their social conventions, the sartorial habits of BK's Jewish 'hoods makes for some amazing leftovers and juxtapositions, i agree.

as for who reads what & doesn't yeah, it's pretty wild, & useful, the huge gulf between virtual reality & the real world-- which makes it more fun on the streets all around. i'm still surpised nobody picked up on New Bopper's Luncheonette above, really.

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