24 November 2007

A Good Sign: Coney Island Monuments

Coney Island Avenue seems to be the place to go when you die in New York. The thoroughfare is just littered with headstone palaces, including this one, Coney Island Monuments. The stark sign is particularly primitive and forbidding—much like a gravestone. How appropriate.


Unknown said...

I've neglected your blog for awhile, but now I'm getting caught up and remembering how much I enjoy it. It was a special treat to see something from Coney Island Avenue, the street I grew up on long ago -- though not within sight of any headstone shops. I currently live on the West Coast but I share your appreciation for the old signs and vestiges of the past that somehow survive, and it's so nice to know there is someone on the scene posting glimpses. Thank you for this labor of love.

Hecky said...

Further up (towards Coney Island) the avenue is Haskell Monuments, formerly located where the Mercury Lounge is now, the former retained some raw granite for the original bar. So for LES residents of a certain age, you'll have to go to Brooklyn to die, sorry.