13 June 2008

Also, Trader Joe's Wants Us Off Their Land!

Recently, I noticed that the upcoming Trader's Joe's in Brooklyn made it clear that it didn't want prols like me peeking in its old bank building while it worked on transforming the edifice into a cheery, hip grocery store. It did this by papering over the glass doorways. It has since emphasized its point by replacing the paper with plywood.

But there's more. The old Independence Bank has, as many will recall, three steps leading up to the front doors and ramps on the left and the right. These have now been cordoned off with yellow tape. So Trader Joe's doesn't want us to even to come near them! I considered for a moment that this development may be due to the fact that Brooklyn is awash with construction-obsessed citizens armed with cameras and too much curiosity. But I quickly dismissed the notion as absurd.

Stay tuned for a giant black box to be placed over the entire structure.


Lou said...

I think they don't want to take the liability to have a slew of building pervs walking into a construction site. Those doors are actually open most of the day.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

"Building pervs"?

Jeffrey Bary said...

Here's a picture I took through the window last Saturday:

Peeping Trader Joe's

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Looks a bit like an art installation. Call Roberta Smith!