06 June 2008

Brooklyn and Bullets

When you see an old building with lettering on the facade indicating it is a gun club, it's usually a remnant of the original facade, and its shooting days are lost past.

Not so with the Metropolitan Rod and Gun Club on Pacific Street in Cobble Hill, which stands in a middle of a little-trafficked street of parking garages and former carriage house. It has a website which indicates it is a living, breathing club offering "Indoor pistol and smallbore rifle range, Indoor archery, Fishing opportunities" and other delights. The club was incorporated in 1934. They bought the Pacific Street building in 1939. In 1955 the Club purchased 200 acres of hunting and fishing land in Delaware County, New York. Since it has added approximately 600 additional acres adjoining the existing property, giving us a total of 836 acres of hunting lands. The Met is a powerhouse landowner!

The place is historical as well. During World War II, the entire Brooklyn division of the City Patrol Corps, over 5,000 men, was qualified on its range, "without accident or cost to the City." It currently has 250 members. If you want to become a member, you better be 21 and have "strong character references."

Check out the archery range (far below).


Anonymous said...

I just passed by there the other day and was wondering about that! Thanks for the enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for looking into this. I walk by it all the time and always figured it was converted into condos or something like that!