22 June 2008

Why Must There be an IKEA Truck?

I'm beginning to feel assaulted by the tidal wave of IKEA advertising. The bus shelter ads. The billboards. That bizarre assemblage of boxes on Houston and Broadway. And now this rolling, house-like advertisement, which blocked my view on Court Street the other day. You can't see the message on the roof (actually it's hard to read, period), but it says something about how you can buy the living room set in that glass box for $1,200 and change. It's the most trite assemblage of processed crapiture you'd ever want to see. I wouldn't spend $12 for it.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

I don't think there is a breathing being in NYC who does NOT know about the Ikea opening! It was advertised everywhere. This is overkill- not to mention, a traffic and pollutant causing waste of space and gas!