26 June 2008

Atlantic Avenue Reveal

Breaking some sort of land speed record, Two Trees has removed all the scaffolding and crap from in front of that luxury rental complex they've been building on Atlantic Avenue. The unobstructed view reveals that the thing is basically completed. Took 'em about six months to do it. PDQ, as they say. (Work on Trader Joe's next door, meanwhile, remains the tortoise to this hare.)

It doesn't look absolutely terrible. The brick color is somewhat in keeping with the neighborhood. It's very window-y. The bands of vertical glass give the structure a modicum of style you don't see in most new residential units. Keep in mind, however, that these mildly positive comments do not erase the fact that this is basically crapitecture. Which it is. I understand some merry little bulkheads are on the way.

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