15 June 2008

Small and Proud

I find this building at 203 W. 82nd Street in Manhattan an intriguing curiosity. It was evidently erected in 1899, and with great pride, if the vainglorious, quasi-cupola at the top is any indication. And it has somehow survived 100-plus years in a highly desirable neighborhood to currently house Fang Cleaners and an antique shop. I'm guessing is was a carriage house, owing to its squat nature. Can't find out much about it, except that, according to the DOB, there was a request for a electrical sign back in 1930. So some sort of change was going on. It's also apparently part of a landmark district, which may explain its longevity.


Anonymous said...

That's not an antique shop. It's a fortune teller! Perhaps for ten bucks, she could've told you the building's past. Living down the street from there, I've always supposed that it had been a carriage house for Holy Trinity next door. But did churches need such a space?

PLEASE tell me you saw Zingone's grocery on Columbus btwn 82+83. One of the remaining Italian green grocers.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I did see Zingone's, but didn't know anything about it. Next time I'll stop in.