22 June 2008

Book Store Coming to Atlantic Avenue

Bank of America coming to Atlantic Avenue. Trader Joe's coming to Atlantic Avenue. Dunkin' Donuts coming to Atlantic Avenue. These are all statements that make sense in today's Brooklyn—the kind of news we've gotten used to.

But Used and Rare Book Store coming to Atlantic Avenue? That's a little unexpected. But that's what the little handwritten sign in the window at 179 Atlantic says. And I couldn't be happier if it turns out to be true. The strip needs such a business. The closest used book stores are on Montague deep in Brooklyn Heights and over on Columbia across from the docks.


The Vidiot said...

you forgot about the crazy used book store on Court near Butler (I think it's Butler) His store is a mess but occasionally, you can find a gem.

Anonymous said...

That store is insane. I want to like it but he does not take care of his books, and that makes me sad. On the other hand, he stays open late. On the other hand, he closes for months at a time. It's called Community Bookstore at 212 Court St.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be the relocated 12th Street Books. I guess he will change the name. Should be an excellent store!