24 June 2008

No One Here, Not Even Us Chickens

This poultry slaughtering plant on Union Street near Columbia in Brooklyn has been there for a long time (check out the sign). I'm so used to the thing that I haven't really taken a close look at it in years. (And who would want to take a close look at a slaughterhouse anyway?) But I did the other day, attracted by the For Sale sign, as well as evidence that there were bushes growing inside.

Whaddaya know? At some point, someone gutted this building, leaving only the facade and white tile walls on either side. No roof, no inner walls, no nothing. And it must have happened a while back since nature has had a chance reclaim sections of the ground, shooting up through cracks in the cement. I guess when a structure's been bathed in bird blood for decades, you pretty much have to set off a construction atom bomb inside if you're gonna convert it to any other use.

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Bubba Felcher said...

The Chicken Market burned down in 2002 or so and the neighborhood smelled like roasted chicken for days.

The fire occurred mysteriously just before the building next door was to be occupied.