07 June 2008

People Have a Lot to Say About Solomon's Appliance Repair

Last October, I posted a short "A Good Sign" item about a Bensonhurst business called Solomon's Appliance Repair, admiring the store's distinctive signage.

Usually I post these sign items, people notice for a day or two, and then they fade into history. Not Solomon's. I'm still getting comments about the 56-year-old shop. No, not comments—stories. Very LONG stories. Solomon's seems to inspire devotion and rage in equal portions. They furnished the worst customer experience one ever had; they furnished the best customer experience one ever had. One writer, Madeleine, went from fury to joy to penitence over the course of three posts, over the way Solomon's handled her Solis Coffee Machine. At the end, she wrote:

My Solis Coffee Machine works better then when it was new. The brew comes out piping hot now. A perfect cup of coffee. We all should realize, the difficulties Solomon faces to receive parts for appliances. We all should be as patient as Bruce. I enjoyed talking to you when I picked up my machine. I now realize the patience you have to deal with difficult and demanding customers like me.

Hugs and kisses all around. The lastest post, coming today, came from one Michael, who would rather die than part with his "beloved, 40-year-old Hamilton Beach kitchen mixer," which "was acting badly." So off to Solomon's he went.

Not only do I love the way it looks and its tremendous heft, but I wasn't looking forward to dropping $350+ on a new mixer, especially since most of them, even at that price, are pretty disposable.

Solomon's fixed it for $105. "One last bulwark against the complete triumph of the disposable society. Thanks, Solomon's!," cried Michael.

I think I'm going to have to have Solomon's try to fix something of mine. This experience is obviously not to be missed.

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