20 August 2008

No More Fried Chicken and Waffles

The closure of Harlem's M & G Diner, longstanding palace of old-time soul food, slipped by me somehow. I was notified of the passing of this venerable house of fried chicken and waffles by a helpful reader. And though it's been gone for nearly two months now, it still deserves a proper send off.

I have to file this restaurant under Experiences That Will Never Be. Sorry to say, I never had one of their short-rib sandwiches. But I only need to look at the above sign in all of its antiquated, idiosyncratic glory to know that missed something rare and authentic. The jukebox was chock full of good stuff, I hear, and the serving were ample. Breakfast was served until 1 AM. Many things on the menu were ballyhooed, but chicken was king here.

The Department of Health closed the place down and it never reopened.

Picture courtesy of Eating in Translation.


Anonymous said...

Id say you didnt miss much.

The chicken was often very stale and luke warm.

However...The waffles and pancakes were good and an excellent value.

The biggest downside, however, was the brewing race war in the place. On a couple of occasions voices were raised among the all-AA staff and black patrons who complained that whites were being served equally or better than blacks.

It's kind of sad, but that kept me away after a handful a visits.

carefreemistress said...

I couldn't disagree more or be more appalled at Anonymous' irrelevant comment. The food was spectacular, and was the only real soul food left in New York.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a moron.

norman said...

If anyone has information on how to contact the building's owner, the American Sign Museum is willing to rescue and refurbish the sign.

So sad.