27 October 2008

Bad Ad

HSBC is currently running a revoltingly stupid ad in the subways.

The ad pictures three containers of bottled water. One is labeled "Healthy," the second "Fashionable," the third "Wasteful." The tag line below reads "Different values make the world a richer place."

No, fuckers. The first two ideas make the company who makes the bottled water a richer place—not the world. The third idea actually makes the world a better place.

No doubt the bank thinks the ad wonderfully broad-minded. But it comes off as a stealth, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing job, disguising selfish, capitalistic behavior as just another valid "choice." Different, but not wrong. And besides, who looks to banks these day for exercises in moral relativism?


Ken Mac said...

I saw another one of these ads depicting 0a wallet lying on a sidewalk at night. The ad passes a value judgement. "Temptation," "responsiblity" or some such crap. Sickening. Banks now trying to cast themselves as something other than simple practicioners of usery.

Marsha said...

Thank you. I felt something pop in my brain when I saw that ad.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they have 3 pictures of a copy of the $7 billion bailout bill with the words "greed', "hypocrisy" and "thievery". Then they can change their line to "No values make the world a richer place-for us"