17 October 2008

The Holiest Business in Brooklyn

Vinnie's Iron Works in Cobble Hills has a little extra something going for it. Not location, not customer loyalty, not lucrative contracts. It's God!

Many places in South Brooklyn have little shrines or icons somewhere outside or on the premises. But Vinnie's is huge: an iron-framed, glass-enclosed display case holding a life-size statue of Jesus. Little cross on top, and a flood light in front. God Bless the Iron Mongers! They've also got a couple weathervanes up there. But when you got Jesus on your side, who cares which way the wind blows?


Francis Morrone said...

I think I always assumed it was a statue of St. Vincent (i.e. "Vinnie") de Paul. No matter: It's one of my favorite buildings in Brooklyn.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Francis, you may be right. A lapses Lutheran, I hardly know my saints.