01 October 2008

Mayor Michael R. Berlusconi

From the New York Times, about Michael Bloomberg bid for an illegal third term at Mayor of New York: “What this represents is the complete collapse of “small d” democratic politics in New York under the Bloomberg monarchy,” said Fred Siegel, a professor at Cooper Union. “He is becoming our Berlusconi. He owns the press and he is not accountable in ordinary ways.

The fox is in the hen house, New Yorkers. We're in more trouble than we know.


Ken Mac said...

ah heck, New York as we loved it is almost kaput anyway. What the F! Pretty soon all these rich bastards will be flocking to their fashionable cribs high in the sky for protection while the proles beg for crumbs on the street. Then we can just burn baby burn.

Little Fish said...

I have always been and will always be against term limits. Term limits are nothing more then an excuse for people to be lazy because we already have term limits; it's called voting! Whether you love or hate Bloomberg, if the majority of voters want him out then they should get off there lazy behinds and vote him out! Look at what happened to Marty Connor in the State Senate race. The man was there for 30 years and got soft and lazy. When an exciting, dedicated candidate finally came around to challenge him, the people spoke and gave there support to Daniel Squadron.

I will now pout my soap box back into my closet.