06 October 2008

No Tea for You

I went down to Chinatown this past weekend to enjoy the wares of the newly reopened Nom Wah Tea Parlor on Doyers Street—only to find it still shuttered!

Last week, the owner told me it would reopen last week after a month-long, enforced closed by the Department of Health. Don't know what happened. Maybe they failed their inspection again. Or maybe the DOH guy didn't show up. Frustrating.


Unknown said...

Dude, Nom Wah is gross. Whatever health violations it had, I'm sure they were a long time in coming. I hope for your sake that it stays closed permanently.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hey, Mikey! He doesn't like it! Dude, restaurants sometimes have value beyond what you see on the surface.

Unknown said...

I was too scared looking AT the surface to want to see beyond it. My "pork" dumplings were full of knuckles. At least I hope they were knuckles; they could have been teeth for all I know. Horrible.