22 October 2008

Chumley's: Not Much Doing

I swung by Chumley's the other night to see what was doing. Answer: nothing much. Doesn't look like anything's been done since the Times wrote an update on the old speakeasy back in August. The dispiriting new cinder-block facade looks to be at the same state of construction it was them. I guess the fact that people are still trying to resurrect the place at all after all this time is a sign of something hopeful.

Meanwhile, people are still discovering that the bar is closed and dismantled. A guy walking by me said, "Chumley's is gone? Man, that sucks. Gone? Wow. What a great place. That really sucks. I can't believe Chumley's is gone. That really sucks." Yeah. That about says it.


MyMyMichl said...

This one excellent reason to NOT extend another term to Bloomberg or Quinn.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I agree, mymy. When it first collapsed, I asked "Where's Bloomberg?" A real mayor of New York would recognize the loss of Chumley's as a serious calamity. Or at least something worth a few words.