03 October 2008

Trader Joe's Takes the Time

Trade has picked up at Trader Joe's in Brooklyn since it opened a week ago. I hear weekdays after 5 PM get pretty hectic. There's only one more thing Joe's has to do to make its arrival fully welcome by the community: fix the damn clock.

The double-sided clock on the outside corner of the old Independence Bank Building stopped working the day Independence stopped working. For a year, it's only been right two times a day, giving B61 riders no way of telling exactly how late their bus is.

A devoted Lost City reader recently did me the favor of asking Joe's "Captain" when the clock would again be in working order. Amazingly, he said "everyone" had been asking him that question. (Guess I'm not the only one bugged by the stopped clock.) Anyway, he said he expects it to be running by the end of October.


Laurie said...

There's also already a light burned out in the TRADER section of that very sign.

Brooks of Sheffield said...


Robert Cashill said...

Speaking of clocks, the Williamsburg Bank Bldg. clock tower is out of sync again. Get someone on this, please.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Robert, send me a picture of said offending clock and I will tell the world!