01 October 2008

Billy Stein, Hardship Case, Spends $35,000 on Lobbying

Pardon Me for Asking has uncovered the possible reason would-be Brooklyn Borough President Bill DeBlasio has been relatively silent on the subject of zoning-buster 360 Smith (aka Oliver House), after remonstrating against the development strenuously last year. 360 Smith developer Billy Stein has been lobbying Councilman DeBlasio to the tune of $35,000!

Hey, isn't Stein the sharp-suited guy who pleaded hardship to the Board of Standards and Appeals in order to push his 70-foot Oliver House past new Carroll Gardens zoning regulations? Things can't be too hard if he has 35 grand to toss over to lobbyist George Arzt Communications, Inc.

So which sleazeball cares less about the community, Stein or DeBlasio? Tough one.

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