04 October 2008

Strong Place Church's Windows Take a Lickin'

An eagle-eyed Lost City reader noticed on Friday (Oct. 3) that some dramatic work was being done of the long-aborning Strong Place Church condo conversion project in Cobble Hill.

Workers at the Cobble Hill site were taking hammers to what were once the arched, stained-glass windows in the 1852 Gothic church. "Under the protective glass I could swear there is some of the original stained glass being broken," said our scout. "Probably badly damaged but...I don't think it was a big deal. At first it looked like a bunch of old glass fell down. I think it was just a few small pieces and the rest was gone years ago and covered with wood." Our reader (who also took these photos) admitted it could very well be the case that not a single shard of stained glass remained in the windows. Well, either way, nothing like a bunch of guys smashing cathedral windows to get your attention.

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