12 October 2009

Brooklyn Motor Inn Promotes Self at Hot Sheets Destination

Several years ago, the big ugly tan box that calls itself the Brooklyn Motor Inn opened on a triangle of cement in Red Hook south of Hamilton, hear the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. I've always thought it a curious location for a motel. (Since then, hotels have opened in all sorts of unlikely, blighted corners of Brooklyn.) But I always suspected it was there for businessmen who had business in the area, folks who drove in, took their meeting, slept and drove out.

Apparently not. I was taking in a film at Cobble Hill Cinemas when, prior to preview, an ad for the Brooklyn Motor Inn appeared on the screen. It showed a picture of a lovey-dovey couple next to the caption, "Isn't it time for a little romance?"

Ah. So are they renting rooms by the hour, now? Honestly. Romance? The Brooklyn Motor Inn? Maybe if you're having an affair and don't want anyone to see you. It's rather out of the way. But if I were a woman, and my boyfriend or husband suggested a romantic night at the Brooklyn Motor Inn, well, I'd look into getting myself a new man.

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Mykola Dementiuk said...

Aw c'mon, there's nothing wrong with sharing an anonymous half hour or so with a sexy stranger. All my trysts were carried out in various hotels in Manhattan and it sure feels good that Brooklyn has joined the fray, which I'm sure has been going on for years and years anyway. Sexy and anonymous, a quicky...I love it!