20 October 2009

Cobble Hill Cinema Mystery

Where did Cobble Hill Cinemas get the chairs in their upper-floor movie houses?

I was getting out of my chair after a recent screening of "A Serious Man" when I noticed that the back of every red seat was embroidered in gold with the name "Pavilion." I asked the manager, who seemed to know a lot about a lot of things, and wasn't shy about sharing his opinion ("Pizza? Well, you can go down the block to Sal's for BAD pizza, or go a little further, to World Pizza, which is OK."), but he didn't know anything about the seats.

Could they have come from the palatial Pavilion Theatre on Prospect Park West, which still exists and is open for business? Maybe they sold off some seats and ordered new ones recently. Or, perhaps more likely, did they come from the Flatbush Pavilion, which closed down in 2004?

I love this little theatre, though they charge too much for their 3-D films. It's so hokey and small-time and friendly. The wall painting of movie greats of homely, but terribly endearing. And the crowds are much more well-behaved than they are at swankier movie houses. I wished it was still called the Lido, like in the old days.


Extended Stay said...

Not likely their from the Pavillion on PPW. It hasn't been called the Pavillio that long (used to be the Sanders) and I don't ever remember seeing those seats there.

Caroline, No. said...

I love that script and logo! Lovely.