12 October 2009

Ultimate Burgers and Dogs Open for Biz

In the old Chicory space, on Degraw, in Cobble Hill. In case anyone cares.


Anonymous said...

Had a burger and tots there this weekend, both of which were good. This place would be wise to include some veggie options (veggie dog and/or burger...even a catfish burger or something).

My wife is a vegetarian and left empty handed as there was nothing on the menu other than sides that she could eat. If the owner is listening, get a non "land animal" option on the menu pronto.

Matthew said...

I care. In fact, I think I care more often about what's on this blog than I do for any of the 250 some odd RSS feeds in my The Google Reader.

So, keep on keepin' on!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thank was a nice thing to say, Matthew.

Unknown said...

Had a burger last night. I like several things about this shop:
They don't give you a million things that you will throw out anyway, like plastic knives and forks, tons of paper napkins and ketchups etc.
The burger was really very good. I think it's better than Chicory was.
Tater tots were good. It's cheap. Wait staff is very nice.

A couple suggestions: Veggie option, chocolate chip cookie.