30 October 2009

Death of a Meat Market

I was walking down Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood, Queens, when I saw some workers ripping out the inside of what the bright red awning told me was once Nino's Meat Market.

I know nothing about Nino's Meat Market (motto: "What's for Dinner?"), but I suspect it was there for some time. Two things tell me thing. One, if you peer under the new plastic awning, you can seen a much older sign for the shop. I could not discern the actual wording, so the hidden sign could very well be for another business. But I do think I saw something about cold cuts.

Two, inside the walls had been torn down pretty good, but you could still spy near the top some stray words: sausages, steaks, eggs. The old business had evidently hand-painted a list of its wares on the wall. Very charming. The glimpses you see here are all that's left. The construction workers did not look like the sentimental type. I'm sure they did not think the painted walls were anything special.

The location will next be an Asian fusion restaurant.

6626 Fresh Pond Rd


Tripp Hall said...

Great find -- I just moved to the nabe and walk by that former market just about every day, but didn't see the writing. Its "typeface" reminds me a little of the one used on Sammy's Roumanian window.

Brittney Joyce said...

Does anyone know what that font is (the one that looks like the font from Sammy's Roumanian)? Thanks in advance!