14 October 2009

Chumley's OK'd for Booze, Should It Ever Open

Chumley's, should it ever rise from the ashes of Bedford Street, will be allowed to serve liquor, just as it had, legally and illegally (Prohibition) for nearly a century before the building bit the dust in 2007.

Eater has filed a report of the recent Community Board 2 meeting:

What could have been a contentious application ended up being pretty nice and smooth. The only bump came when a community member spoke out against the owner’s proposed weekend closing time of 4AM, something the board seemed ready to sign off on. Dude spat measured, logical, and respectful fire, explaining that the old Chumley’s management was always receptive and reactive when neighbors filed complaints, but that it would be unreasonable for them to ask for this when the old hours were 2AM, and when a destination spot such as this one generates so much traffic in such a quiet neighborhood. It was the sort of thing that reminds you why these meetings exist, and everyone in attendance seemed more than surprised. The dialogue continued until the owner agreed to operate under the old hours, with the committee inviting him to return to make his case after a one-year trial period. NB: according to the lawyer, they “have no idea” when the space should be ready to go.

"Have no idea." Yup.

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