22 October 2009

Little Records, Little Shop

Used to be, in most neighborhoods, you could find a record store where the selections reflected the tastes and language of the ethnic group that dominated in that area. Not so much anymore.

Such shops, however, are still fairly prevalent in Bensonhurst. I've noticed not one, but a few, all selling Italian-language music. This one, Little Records, is on 18th Avenue. The show is more than 30 years old. Seems to have been a big enough deal in the past for the owners to go out of their way and created a logo featuring a strolling minstrel.

Here you can also buy "DVD & VHS films, gift sets, art, religious items, souvenir items, sport items, hats, jackets, shirts, balls, flags, coffee espresso makers, car accessories, playing cards,...Italian home bath and body products such purfumes, colognes, creams from Nivea, Felce Azzurra, Proraso, Malizia, Borotalco, Cleo, and many others."

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