30 October 2009

These Colors Don't Run! Any Neither Does This Pizza!

Not sure of the significance of this very large mural just off Seneca in Ridgewood Queens. Twin Towers, American flag. Check. A typically patriotic 9/11-themed work. Also an Italian flag. OK. The painter, evidently Italian, wants to show his solidarity with the American cause.

But a huge, flying, piping hot, pepperoni pizza? What is its role in this tableau? Is it heading toward the World Trade Center? Or is it there to protect the towers? Is it there to feed the victims of the attack? Or taunt the terrorists with its toothsome pork toppings?

Even stranger: the building this mural is painted on is not a pizzeria.

UPDATE: Queen Crap has sent me a picture proving there used to be a pizzeria here, called Carlos' Pizza. It's now a 99-cents store. There are a lot of 99-cents stores on Seneca.


mingusal said...

They hate us for our pizza!

NYC taxi photo said...

They can take our freedom, But they'll never take our Pizza!!!!!