16 October 2009


On Sackett Street in Carroll Gardens.

Is is possible to make the building more personality-free?

Why didn't the developer just tape together a bunch of refrigerator boxes and have done with it?


Ken Mac said...

prison lite

Blayze said...

I'll agree with you here.. this thing is pretty awful.

That and I hate aluminium siding. I wish older townhouses didn't resort to it.

ChickenUnderwear said...

Does it even have a door, or is that an under the house garage down there.

I am gonna keep an eye on that spot. It might get a little better (or worse) when it is done.

Unknown said...

This is still a better piece of architecture than the average Fedders pile that tries to look 'old-timey" with abominable stonework and tasteless proportions. For me, its seemingly complete lack of "character" actually has a positive effect on its' surroundings in this situation. Seems vaguely Scandinavian with its featureless brickwork and casement windows. Would you rather see another Radusky turd with double hung windows and gas meters at the sidewalk?

wh said...

I'm with Bryan -The good: it respects the street line - it has classic row house proportions, it's nice & simple. The bad- it's plain. But I'd rather have plain then hideous, like the balconied and balustraded nightmares that are everywhere.