04 December 2009

The Bangladeshi Mosaic of 73rd Street

Name a corner green grocer. OK. Now name a corner green grocer with an elaborate, historical mosaic on its outside wall.

I did a double take when I caught sight of this 20-foot long mosaic on 73rd Street near 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights. I recognize the green and red flag of Bangladesh. I imagine this is an image of a famous battle in the country's history; a modern battle given the weaponry. (Yikes!) Probably it depicts a pivotal moment from the war for independence from Pakistan in the 1971, since there was no such thing as a Bangladeshi flag before that. Anyone know what the words on the banners say?

These are the work, apparently, of one Mrinal Haque, a Bangladeshi artist who moved to the area in 1996. He received several commissions from local businesses when he was only in his 20s. I spotted another smaller one (far below) near a restaurant entrance on 74th Street. What a splendid thing for a community to have a local mosaic artist, and one it actively supports!

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Anonymous said...

If only they took care of it and not bang their dumpsters against it.