05 December 2009

Marty and the Schnitzel Truck

I was walking by P.S. 29 on Henry Street in Cobble Hill today, when what do my wondering eyes did appear but the Schnitzel & Things vendor truck. I'd seen it in the neighborhood before, but never in front of the school, and on the sidewalk yet. Turned out they were asked to be present to service a "pie social" fundraiser in the school.

I was ordering a bratwurst when suddenly a right jolly old elf emerges from the school, a bounce in his step, a twinkle in his eyes and a burly, bald man at his side. It was none other than Marty Markowitz, our "third term" Brooklyn Borough President. As he sidled up next to me, I was shocked to discover that he stands roughly five feet tall.

Marty spied the truck and let go with a bubbly spiel of unstinting silliness. "We love Vienna," he burbled. The vendy man looked at him without expression. "Luv it, luv it, luv it. We were just there! Luv it. Luv Vienna. Luv it, luv it, luv it. The Grüners! Oh! The Rieslings! Luv Vienna. We were just there. Luv it!"

He then dunked a fist into his coat pocket and started handing out little, plastic-encased Brooklyn lapel pins. One to every one in the truck. One to me. If I were to guess, I'd say he have a fifty in that coat pocket. I thanked him. "Oh, don't mention it. Now!—we're going to go eat in the car!"

And he walked off, whispering something in the ear of the burly, bald man.

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