08 December 2009

News of Two Landmarks

Eater brings the sad news that the Pink Tea Cup, "Greenwich Village's 55 year-old soul food staple, announces that "after over 50 years in the Village, the Pink Tea Cup will close on January 3, 2010," and a call to the restaurant confirms."

Interestingly enough, a look at tonight's Community Board 2 meeting reveals a new entity is already applying for a liquor license at the space. Known for serving mammoth portions for a low price day and night, the Pink Tea Cup has long been a spot for the locals, the tourists, and lower level celebs like Liz Smith, Star Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, and the occaisional CEO. Opened by Florida native Mary Raye in 1954, the restaurant was taken over by her husband Charles in 1979, moved to its final location in '82 and then given to her niece and grandniece '89.

I have never been a regular, I admit, we I will visit before they close and tip my hat to their accomplishment.

Meanwhile, an ever older joint, in Tribeca, plans not to disappear, but expand. It's Walker's, the landmarked Tribeca bar. "According to the permits in the windows, they are finally expanding into the space next door after re-doing the facade and adding outdoor seating back in May '08. By the looks of it, it could double the size of the 130 year-old space."

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