17 December 2009

Stop Inn in Woodside Get Boring New Sign; Reveals Better Old Sign

Stop Inn, the decades-old diner in Woodside, Queens, is getting a new awning. It's lime green, it's commonplace, it's plastic and it's boring. Even more boring than the one they had (see below). Modern awning makers among the biggest modern crapifiers in the City.

But I've got a suggestion for the Stop Inn's owners. Just dispense with the new awning altogether, and stick with the much older Stop Inn sign that's been revealed through the tearing down of the earlier awning. It's miles better and it won't cost you a dime, because it's already there! Do it. Just do it. Please?


Caroline, No. said...

You're so right. The old sign has got character, they should play it up, not hide it. Dur.

Anthony said...

Wow, I missed seeing that and I walk by there more or less daily. I hate the new awning, too.