31 December 2009

The Most Enticing New Year's Eve Invitation in Town

Ring in the New Year at classic, hole-in-the-wall, waterfront, Brooklyn dive Montero! Hey, why not? It's gotta be the only night of the year they pour Champagne there. Korbel, anyone?


Ken Mac said...

it's a film noir new year. The only way to fly baby

Ed said...

I'm staying in on New Year's Eve, with relatives a block away from there, and and kind of sorry myself I'll miss it.

But then I'll know I'll be back at least one of the other 364 nights of the year. Don't particularly need champagne.

Anonymous said...

Once did a drinking trip on a joke.
Started at Montero's and ended up at the state park's bar in Montauk.
That means end-to-end Long Island drinking!