26 December 2009

Comment of the Day

The comments I have received regarding the closure of Giambelli's in Midtown have been among the more heartfelt and tender I've encountered in four years of running this blog. People really do seem to have loved the place, and the owners appear to have been very caring. Check out this reminiscence from Jeff Nickell:

My mom took me to Giambelli's when I turned 16. Mr. Giambelli came by our table and told me he would buy me a glass of champagne when I turned 21. I was visiting from South Florida and I just assumed every New York restaurant was like that -- authentic, family oriented, where the owner came by and appreciated that you chose their place for a special event -- but I've never found something like it in the city ever since. About 9 years later when I was ready to marry the girl of my dreams I took her to Giambelli's and we got engaged. Mr. Giambelli congratulated us and bought us a bottle of champagne. With the closing of the restaurant something has been lost -- I will miss this place and what it represented for me.

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