20 December 2009

Comment of the Day

From Lydia, in response to my July 2008 post about the East Village remains of the Mission Chapel of the Immaculate Virgin, founded in 1881 by the Rev. Father John. C. Drumgoole, who also established a 138-acre farm for kids off Raritan Bay on the southern tip of Staten Island:

I was so happy to read your article on the building. I spent a few years at Father Drumgoole's Mission of the Immaculate Virgin on Staten Island as a child. Every year we have a Reunion on the third Saturday of September. In 2010, it will mark a 100th celebration. We would like to let every "Mission Kid" around the country know so that they can show up and celebrate our uniqueness.

Thank you so much for your article. I loved it and will send the link to a bunch of our alumni.

God bless.

A voice across the century. Can it be?

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