14 December 2009

Scaffolding Comes Down on Strong Place

The unending work on Cobble Hill's 156-year-old Strong Place Church, which is being converted by Baxt Inqui Architects into a condo complex, has been going on for so long that residents jokingly talk about how many decades the structure has been under construction. But the building seemed to have reached some sort of milestone last week. The scaffolding finally came off! And one can clearly see what sort of effect the workmen's labors have had on the once crumbling edifice.

The facade looks in decent shape. The stoneface certainly looks lighter and less weatherbeaten than I remember. All the windows are still without panes or glass, though plastic shields the interior from the elements. All except the windows in the tower, which remain open. There's also no roof to the tower, so it has no protection from the rain and snow. But it looks like its made of pretty sturdy stuff, so I imagine it's OK. And who knows if that's meant to be an apartment, anyway?

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JS said...

Now if only we can get the scaffolding down from Raccuglia's on Court and Sackett. No discernible work has or is being done but the scaffolding has been up for nearly three years . . .