04 December 2009

It Just Gets Worse and Worse

Cafe Un Deux Trois signage, circa 2007. Classic. Could be a brasserie in Paris. It was this way for decades.

Cafe Un Deux Trios signage, circa 2008. A sad, small, paltry banner.

Cafe Un Deux Trois signage today. Nouveau, nightclub trashy. What's more, it's no longer unique—the two business next door, all house in the same big building, have the same sort of signage. The tacky, tasteless landlord made them all do it.

Thank goodness the interior remains what it was.


Daughter Number Three said...

The new sign is set in Verdana, the ubiquitous web font (also recently adopted by Ikea). Meant to be read at text sizes with screen resolution... not used on lit signs!

JO said...