13 May 2010

Art Show in Tin Pan Alley

Got this nice annoucement from a resident of old Tin Pan Alley:

The artists currently living in the Tin Pan Alley Building 49-55 west 28th street are having an Art Show. The opening is on June 10, 2010 @ 5pm - 8pm
A great deal of attention has been drawn to the building owners intent to sell and demolish this historic building. We would like to remind everyone that this area of New York City and specifically this building which is actually a row of green brownstones considered one unit by the Department of Buildings has always been and remains a creative enclave in a city ever changing, not always for the better. Should the actual building were "God Bless America" was written be torn down and replaced with another non-descript high-rise for corporate housing or hotel?
So art creations continues in these historic buildings.


Anonymous said...

There are other artists in some of those buildings the real Tin Pan Alley that will not be in this show or were never invited,cool!
#45 w 28 St.is in the "omitted" group
just as famous if not more than those
listed, just saying...

Anonymous said...

I might add artists also live in'the old Tin Pan alley buildings # 43#45 and #41 west 28 th street that also were not invited to be in this "show"I can only feel and
hope it is not true that they as the artist tenants , who all have the same landlord by the way ,at building Numbers #47 thru 55 west 28th street see only there own self serving interests.that'if true would be sad,we need all tenants of
these fragile buildings to be a
part of the imminent fight to save our homes and studios.

Other historic buildings of this
Tin Pan Alley era are also part of
The Tin Pan Alley 28th street buildings and it
should be mentioned in time future
that it is not the Tin Pan Alley
buildings that are having an open studio BUT SOME of the Tin Pan Alley buildings are having an open studio on June 10th.

Thank you,

Friends of Tin Pan Alley

cara negrycz/ glen hansen said...

Glen Hansen and I (Cara Negrycz) put together the TPA Show for building 55-47 w 28th st because all of the people in that building have been fighting a legal battle with their landlord for the last six years at an incredible cost. We are not saying we are the only artists in the TPA area or that this building is the only TPA structure.We are an existing coalition which is trying to survive. I am sorry if there are any hurt feelings it was not intentional.I do take exception to being called "self serving" if I and the other members of my group had not spent six figures saving this building it would have been demolished five years ago. This is a fact. We always have refused any money they offered us and continue to fight.