19 May 2010

Pilsner Urquell Forever!

The hand-painted Pilsner Urquell sign on the outside of Zlata Praha, a Bohemian restaurant in Astoria, must be the only such advertisement of its kind in the city, maybe the nation. So odd to not only make a beer advertisement such a large element of your business facade, but to take such care in placing and executing it. It really is wonderfully done. And I suppose we can all count ourselves a bit lucky in that they picked Pilsner Urquell, which has a rather attractive logo. I don't mind looking at it at all.

I like the nice cameo of the two serving ladies as well. Mother and daughter?


Big Muddy Blues said...

on tap, in a stone mug, from the Bohemian Cafe in Omaha it's the best beer ever made.

GL said...

Such advertising and bar painting isn't that uncommon outside of the USA. I saw it plenty of times while in South America.

That being said...I might drop by that place next I'm in Astoria.