27 May 2010

MTA Thinks Carroll Gardens Doesn't Need Any Buses

Carroll Gardens has one month left of having bus service.

Among the Brooklyn bus route cuts being instituted by the MTA are the elimination of the B71, which traces Union Street from Van Brunt to Eastern Parkway, and the B75, which follows the length of Court Street. Those are the two buses that serve Carroll Gardens. The only two. 

I sort of understand the axing of the B71. No one rides it. I personally love it, and don't understand why it's not popular. It takes you to Park Slope, to Prospect Park, to the Botanic Garden, to the Brooklyn Museum. It's a great route. But people seem not to realize it.

The B75, though? It's the lifeline of Court Street, and packed most of the time. It's apparently going to be replaced along Court by an extended B57. But we all know what extended lines mean. Longer waits.

(Thanks to Pardon Me for Asking for the photo.)

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