12 May 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio thinks New York could use some more eminent domain. Hey, didn't we elect him to counter our eminent domain-abusing Mayor. [Globe St.]

Architects are not the friends of Man. [Curbed]

One scary-looking ATM. [GVDP]

The Landmarks Commission made the William Ulmer Brewery Complex in Bushwick at Landmark. [City Room]

New Fulton Mall lampposts revealed. Don't like 'em. [Forgotten New York]


Ken in NJ said...

About the Ulmer Brewery: In the early 1980's I had a hobby of taking pictures of former breweries. I was living in Brooklyn at the time, and one picture I was never able to get was the Ulmer Office Building.

As you might imagine, most extant Breweries in Brooklyn at the time were in dicey neighborhoods, but for the most part no one bothered me when taking pictures, except at Ulmer. On two separate visits some absolutely scary looking thugs were hanging out in front of the building.

I decided to make a 3rd trip, on an 18 degree Sunday moring in January. And there were STILL a number of "locals" in front, all of whom began staring at me when I got out of my car across the street, camera in hand. When a couple of them started coming my way, I got back in my car and sped off. Thanks to your blog, I now have a picture. Glad to see that the building is still there and it's inhabited again.

PS: The Brooklyn brewery picture-taking thing was not my original idea. In 1976, Will Anderson's book "The Breweries of Brooklyn" covered much the same ground, although, he too, had no pictures of Ulmer in his book. Maybe he had the same experience as I did.

Love you blog --Ken (now of NJ)

enodo said...

Your last link is also to the City Room blog, so I can't find out about the lamp posts.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I fixed the link.