04 May 2010

Refurbished Vermont Market to Reopen Today!

The long dusty and decrepit Vermont Market and Pharmacy of Carroll Gardens, which has been getting the Discovery Channel's "Construction Intervention" treatment over the past five days, will reopen today around 3 PM, a workman told me. The outside has been painted a mint green, the tile floor protected, and the antique wooden features all preserved. It also looks like a soda fountain has been set up. Whether that means ice-cream sodas and egg creams this afternoon is hard to say. I'd guess not. The TV show's job is just to hand over the space to the owner. Then it's up to the owner to make a go of it. 

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Carol Gardens said...

Shot the crowd cheering stuff at about 6 PM. Told everyone to come back about 8:15 or so if they want to go inside. I heard that are not going to be immediately open for business for real (more permits needed, etc.) but they are now three months ahead of their original schedule.