07 May 2010

So Long Richard Yee

I'm late on this, but I was only informed recently that a monument to old school Chinese-American dining called Richard Yee's Chinese Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay is no long with us. Closes some time last year, after having been in business since 1952. It was one of those places that rode the tiki wave way back when. There was a "Polynesian Room" that served exotic drinks, and the place was famous for its pupu platter. Also famous: "Richard Yee's Style Chow Clams."


Ned Berke | Sheepshead Bites said...

We also wrote about Yee's closing quite late in the game. But residents were still eager to share memories of visits and meals served to them long ago. A well-known local historian (Joseph Ditta) and City Councilman Lew Fidler even paid a virtual visit to tip hats to one of Southern Brooklyn's favorite restaurants. Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember when special occasions in my home meant you could pick what my mother made us for dinner that night. But my family celebrated my HS graduation at Richar Yee's, which I considered a big treat.