21 May 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

I lent a hand at Eater putting together a list of Old Guard New York restaurants that should be visited before they go under, like Gino will on May 29. Not saying these places are in danger of dying. Heaven forbid! But you never know. The list, by the way, is not meant to be comprehensive, but I think we hit a lot of the major places. Also, it doesn't not include bar, just eateries.

Tavern on the Green to be demoted to snack bar. [NY Times]

The now dead Empire Diner gave away some free junk this week. [Eater]

Much abused P.S. 64 in East Village on market for $40 mil. [Curbed]

Run for your lives! Ghost Church! [Restless]

Fourteen Queens library branches will close. Another 34 libraries may be open only two or three days a week. Guess kids in Queens don't need to read. [Daily News]

City issues arrest warrant for notorious slumlord Sam Suzuki. [NY Times]

The Burger Klein sign will never die. [Scouting NY]

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