29 May 2010

Today Is Gino's Last Day on Earth

Your last chance to eat and drink among the zebras, among the red-jacketed lifer waiters, to ask a Martini of the white-jacketed, hulking, white-haired bartender, to make a call from the wooden phone booth, to smell the plastic flowers, to check your coat, to pass through the yellow double doors, to order something from the same damn menu that's been there for decades—is today.

Gino (or Gino's, as everyone calls it), Upper East Side landmark for 65 years, will shutter after tonight.


Lori said...

There aren't enough words to say how sad this is. I feel my youth passing away in front of my eyes. A part of New York has died. SO many birthdays, my graduation from Columbia, and dinners with beautiful men were spent amongst the zebras. I will miss you, Gino, more than I can say.

Anonymous said...

That woman in the right of your
photo looks soooooooo Bennington
college class of '65! ,nice.

Mike of Tin Pan Alley