11 May 2010

Goodbye Hallo Berlin?

Read on Midtown Lunch that my favorite food cart in all of New York, the Hallo Berlin sausage cart, may never return to its perch just off Fifth Avenue:

After Rolf Babiel passed away back in October, the Hallo Berlin cart returned to 54th and 5th briefly before disappearing again. So last month, on my way to try East Japanese’s $5 box lunch, I stopped into Hallo Berlin Express (on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st) to ask about the missing cart. Sadly, the staff said the cart was no more and they were pretty vague about whether they’ll ever bring it back. We were pretty much ready to say goodbye forever, until we spotted this on the Hallo Berlin website! “Juicy Food Stand, Re-Opening Fall 2010.” Still nobody at the restaurant seems to know what the deal is, and we can’t seem to get in touch with the owner. But just seeing this posted on their website gives us hope…

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