13 April 2011

Always a Bar

The Local 269, a bar at the corner of E. Houston and Suffolk Streets, hasn't been around for that long. But, hey, that "Bar" sign hanging on the edge of the building—that's been through a life or two.

By its battered look, the sign's been around for a half century. So which bar left it behind? Hard to say. There have been so many bars at this corner. Before Local 269, this was the Vasmay Lounge. Prior to that, this was the address of the famous lesbian club Meow Mix. (That's still how I think of this corner.) Before that, it was a bar called The Far Side. Beyond that, I lose the thread. But surely there are some other taverns in the space's past. Anyone out there know?

1 comment:

Ken Mac said...

Think I saw Art Carney walking out of there once